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The ordinary

June 26, 2015:  This weekend, I’ll be in the wedding party for two of the most beautiful people ever. I will be reading Walt Whitman. I will also probably be leaking tears of joy for the entire time, not least because of the context in which this marriage will be honored by the State. The news from the Supreme Court is wonderful, and I witness that wonder in a personal arena: two hands being held, two lives unburdened by legal discrimination. Two people who share plates and cups, the contents of a fridge, a bed, pets, all the daily routines of togetherness. What strikes me most about this struggle is that it is the victory of the ordinary (the lives of actual individuals) over the abstract (the idea of what marriage “traditionally” should be). I will bring an extra hanky as we celebrate this weekend. (Originally posted on Facebook in response to the SCOTUS ruling on 6/26.)