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We loved Matt de la Peña when he came to Whidbey as guest faculty in 2015. The news that he won the Newbery for Last Stop on Market Street came while we were at our January 2016 residency. Carmen burst into our Workshop class to tell us. It was kind of awesome, that sense of our little MFA program being connected to wider world.

Winning the Newbery When Diversity Matters by Pat Enciso.

I don’t even know what to call this post

Here’s an article in Poets & Writers on MFAs addressing diversity issues. And here’s a Tumblr Race & the MFA, which looks to have lots of resources.

Then there’s the recent WTF at an MFA program, which is illustrative. I don’t find the original text, but here’s one student’s response to a talk by an MFA faculty member: On Kindness, On Intention, and On Anger in Children’s Writers

And then there’s this: AWP is Us (original post has been replaced with an apology.)

I leave these here for you to ponder.