Book Reviewing Review

Here are some resources in case you want to go out there and review diverse books. Which you should totally do.


In the class that inspired this site, Carmen had us write reviews for each book we read. In the first iteration of this site, I posted some of them. I’ve switched it up and now instead of reviews, I am focusing on three things.

  • Who you would recommend the book to.
  • Diverse content.
  • What a writer could study and learn from.

The first bullet point is about the who the reader might be, a question endlessly fascinating to me after working in a public library for years.

The second is about what’s in the book, what’s diverse, because visibility is important and so yes we do need to point it out.

This is ultimately a site about reading for writers, so that last bullet is about various craft techniques you might study while reading the book.


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