The purpose of this site is to share and shine light on diverse storyworlds, contemplate storycraft and the real-world forces that shape it, and celebrate creators of all kinds, all kins, all.

Origin story:

This site began as a repository for a 2015 Directed Reading course, Diversity and Contemporary Young Adult Novels, led by Carmen Bernier-Grand in the MFA program of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. Included here are links to sites and articles that informed our discussions.

The site is for writers, but it’s about reading.


About me:

I am interested in how we connect with each other, how many layers of misunderstanding we have to peel away to get that tiny core of truth. I’m interested in how young people create their identity, how love and logic tangle. I’m in interested in how we can know and not-know at the same time, how we can use words to explore the world beyond words.

I am interested in diversity because diversity is reality. And I am interested in reality because its tiny core of truth is ultimately unknowableness. —Haley Isleib

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