One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia.

Recommend this to readers who love historical immersion or want realistic fiction focusing on African American protagonists. It takes place in the sixties. Three sisters are sent across country by themselves for a visit with their wayward mother. She’s not exactly thrilled to see them. Readers who like stories that feature complex family structures and imperfect parents will also like this book.

Diverse content: This story is an immersion in Black culture at a pivotal time in history. The mother in the story is an artist struggling against a patriarchal world, and we get to see the ramifications of that struggle in the lives of everyone in the story.

Study this for the immersive experience that a detailed and very specific setting provides. I read it when the weather was cold and rainy in Portland, but it takes place in summer LA and I swear I could feel the sweat from the heat. The sensory details, the emotional nuance…you are so physically there in the story world that it feels like time travel.

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