Month: September 2015

I don’t even know what to call this post

Here’s an article in Poets & Writers on MFAs addressing diversity issues. And here’s a Tumblr Race & the MFA, which looks to have lots of resources.

Then there’s the recent WTF at an MFA program, which is illustrative. I don’t find the original text, but here’s one student’s response to a talk by an MFA faculty member: On Kindness, On Intention, and On Anger in Children’s Writers

And then there’s this: AWP is Us (original post has been replaced with an apology.)

I leave these here for you to ponder.

A matter of craft

Linda Sue Park has a succinct post about race and the craft of writing.

Yes, it’s a matter of craft. Not specifying race will mean the character defaults to White for most readers. (Remember the unmarked state from Writing the Other?) This is a matter of craft like everything we do to create the reader’s experience of our stories.


New Potterverse movie seems to be totally whitecast.